Finals Week:

Some last minute reminders:

  • Grades are all updated and posted on Engrade.
  • If you would like to pick up your newsletter, I will be in my office Monday and Tuesday. Best time to come would be 8:30-10:00 or 3-4:30 on Monday or 8:30-10:00 or after noon on Tuesday. (I'll be there all day both days but will be in conferences, so you will have to wait)
  • For Wednesday, please check the guidelines for EVERYTHING that needs to be turned in. I cannot accept materials that your group forgot or didn't realize your needed.
  • You will need to complete the Peer Evaluation sheet before class on Wednesday. You will find this on the Issues in Education page.
  • Upload your presentation to the Issues in Education page. This can be a link to your presentation (If you used a Web 2.0 tool) or the file (if you created a brochure)

I will not be in my office as you are working in your groups today (Wednesday, Dec. 7). If you have questions, send me a text or call (309)530-9653.

November 21

Reminder: Please remember that Blog #5 is due.

Hope you are enjoying your time off.

Reminders for Wednesday, November 16

Lesson Plans are due. Please bring a hard copy to class. This is not a dropbox assignment. Remember to include the checklist as well.

Blog Post: I wanted you to hear all of the information in the Classroom Management presentations before blogging this week. I will post the prompt and give until next Wednesday to complete it.

Final Presentation: Please see the guidelines that have been posted for the Educational Issues Presentations. Think about what topic you would like to explore (You get a choice!). I will ask you to turn in your choices on Wednesday, November 16.

Class on Wednesday, November 2

We will have some time to work in Classroom Management groups on Wednesday. Please have any material you need to work productively. Presentations are next week. We will have a "lottery" to determine when each group will go. Decide which day, Monday or Wednesday would be better for your group.

Class on Monday, October 24

Please bring clickers to class on Monday.

Objective Assignment:

Update: I have looked at all assessments and objectives that have been submitted up to this point. Several of you still have some revisions to do. (See my comments). Please submit your formative and summative assessment ideas by Sunday night. I have given feedback on the ones that have been submitted. Check to see if yours is ok or if you need to revise it. Happy Homecoming!

I am looking over your objectives today and hope to get them finished tomorrow. After reviewing my feedback, revise what is needed in a different color. Leave my comments and then save back in your dropbox. Also, indicate in some way, which objective you plan to use to develop you lesson plan.

For those of you looking for ways to act on the plan you set forth in your Initial Reflective Essay..

ACEI will be hosting our second meeting of the semester, tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4th in Schroeder 211 at 8pm!

The Children’s Discovery Museum will be discussing volunteer opportunities and we will be exploring science activities!


From the SEAT Center

I am pleased to announce the Fall 2011 SEAT Center Support Clinics. Support Clinics are designed to be short one-hour workshops that explore a particular technology. Support Clinics are open to both students AND faculty. Participants will receive an introduction to the tool, explore applications of the tool within classroom settings, and develop some basic skills in using the tool. Below is the link to the page that describes each Support Clinic and provides access to register for each clinic:

NEW FOR FALL 2011 – For the first time, the SEAT Center will be conducting both face-to-face and online (webinar) Support Clinics. We are very excited to offer this additional flexibility for participants.

Initial Reflective Essays

Yes, they are due soon. Everything that has been posted up to this date has been assessed and you can see your comments, unless I emailed you telling you that you must resubmit. So this is your friendly reminder to get that taken care of. (Just a note: the reminders get less friendly when repeated)

Bring your clickers to class on Monday, September 26

SMART User Group

I have attached a flyer with information about a group that meets to practice using SMART technology. If you would like to join them, they would love to have you. I also will attach the link to the Wiki they use to share information and resources.


Monday, September 19: REMINDER- We are in Milner on the 6th floor today. Bring a copy of the Exploring Teacher's Manuals that is on the course materials page.

Online Grade Reports: Check your email for a link to our online gradebook. Follow the link and follow the directions to register. If you already have an Engrade account, you can add this class by using the code that was emailed to you. This is a password protected, confidential site.

Wednesday, September 14- No Jury Duty. See you in class ready to discuss what you learned about Learning Standards. I have also updated the course calendar

If you have a laptop that you can bring to class on Wednesday, that would be fabulous.

Chicago Urban Bus Trip

This is a great opportunity for you to get 5 diversity clinical hours. There is one scheduled for October 21st, which is mainly for the Multicultural Mentorship Program but will have a few extra seats available. The flyer has all of the information about the October 6 trip.

We are not meeting as a class on Monday, September 12.

Yes, I have been called in for jury duty. Go to the page named "Common Core WebQuest". There you will find a link to the WebQuest that will direct you in learning about Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Follow the links and complete the chart that is posted on the "Process" page of the WebQuest. Be prepared to discuss what you learned when we meet again.

*Check for an announcement after 5:00 on Tuesday, September 13 for information on Wednesday's class

Tech Wizards

Tech Wizards is a culturally-responsive out-of-school time program to develop at-risk youths’ interest in Science, Engineering, and Technology. It is the first program of its type in Illinois, providing not only hands-on high-tech experiences to children, but also mentorship with adults who can coach and encourage the youth.

We give students real-world tasks and experiences: opportunities to serve their community and advance their academic and social skills. In Tech Wizards, we are providing a safe, comfortable space for at-risk youth to explore their potential.

A critical element of this program is mentorship. The number of youth we are able to serve is directly related to the number of adult mentors/volunteers who can donate their time.

We ask mentors to commit for a minimum 9 sessions over a semester (every-other week), though the experience for mentors and youth improves with weekly attendance. We meet Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Cedar Ridge Elementary in south Bloomington (Unit 5’s bilingual school), with mentors arriving at either 3 or 4:00 PM, and going until 6:00. Family registration begins September 6 and programming begins 9/13.

Choose a training date and indicate your availability on our registration page:

Reid Young
Program Coordinator
4-H National Mentoring Program
Tech Wizards
University of Illinois Extension
402 N. Hershey
Bloomington, IL 61704


Web site

Reminder: Class on Monday, August 29

We will be having class in the computer lab on the 3rd floor of DeGarmo. See you there!

Dropbox invitation

I just sent an invitation for you to set up a Dropbox account. If you do not already have one, we will set it up when we are in the computer lab.

LiveText Workshop Schedule

This is for the PBA workshop (Transfer students may need to take this)

This is the workshop to set up your portfolio and learn the basics of how LiveText works

Monday, August 22

  • Print off a copy of the syllabus and bring it with you to class
  • Bring your classroom clicker (If you do not have one yet, don't panic! I'll show you how a teacher can differentiate)
  • Go to the top of this page and "join" the wiki. I will then "approve" you and you will be able to add to it.

College of Education Back to School Event

See the link-
Back to school event

Job Opportunities with Bloomington Parks and Recreation