Here are the prompts for the blog discussions.

Blog Post #6

We have discussed a variety of topics over the semester dealing with the Issues and Practices in Elementary Classrooms.
Reflect back on the information was presented and discussed in this course. What did you find most valuable to you? What do you believe offers the greatest potential to you as a future teacher? What caused you to think and question your initial perspectives, thoughts, and ideas about teaching the most? How did taking this course impact you?

Blog Post #5

A variety of classroom management approaches have been presented. Provide a personal reflection of at least 2 of the plans presented. Some questions that may serve to guide you: What similarities and differences did you notice? Were there any overriding themes or philosophies? What plan(s) do you feel might work best for you and why? What do you feel won't work for you? You may find it beneficial to use plan the plan you researched as a base for comparison. Finally, what new and/or interesting information did you acquire from any of the presentations?

This post was originally due on Wednesday, November 16. Because I wanted you to have the chance to hear all of the ideas from Classroom Management presentations, I will give you an additional week to blog about this. So please post by Wednesday, November 23.

Blog Post #4

Blog Post #3 October 19

For the 3rd blog post, I would like you to read and respond to 3 classmates. Blogs are supposed to be a space to interact with classmates, share ideas and make connections. You can respond to either Blogs #1 or #2. (You can even comment on others' comments if you so choose) Some of you have already started doing this, those count. (But feel free to continue reading and commenting- you don't have to limit the conversation)
I really want to see you all interacting with each other... Afterall, that's what you will want your students to do when you blog with them.

Blog Post #2 October 5

Teacher planning is an important aspect of teaching. After exploring teaching materials, exploring the learning standards on ISBE and the IIRC, reviewing lesson and unit plan templates and reading the chapters on teacher planning in the text, explain your thoughts on planning. What do you feel you have a good handle on? What areas do you still need more information. Describe the decisions you need to make as a classroom teacher regarding planning and what information will help you make those decisions.

Post before midnight on Wednesday.

Blog Post #1, September 7

What are your initial thoughts and understandings about becoming an elementary teacher? What are you comfortable with? What are you worried about? What do you wonder about?

Read your classmates posts, as well, and respond (As you feel motivated)

Due before midnight on Wed.