Classroom Management

Classroom Management

For this project, you will participate in the Inquiry Process. In a group, you inquire about a Classroom Management approach/philosophy and how you might use the ideas in your own classroom.The project has two parts:

  1. The Inquiry Process where you will work with your peer to answer your questions about your approach and present your findings to the class
  2. An Individual Management Plan where you will communicate ideas you learned from the presentation in the form of a newsletter



Inquiry Groups


Rubric and Group Work Reflection

Presentation Schedule

Monday, November 14
  • Love and Logic
  • Discipline with Dignity
  • Beyond Discipline

Wednesday, November 16
  • Discipline w/o Stress Punishment or Reward
  • PBIS
  • 1st Days of School

Inquiry Groups

Discipline with Dignity (Richard Mendler & Allen Curwin)
  1. Rachel Young
  2. Alli Messmer
  3. Nick Cosentino
  4. Christina Bushala

Discipline without Stress, Punishment, or Rewards (Marvin Marshall)

  1. Allyssa
  2. Phil
  3. Brenna
  4. Angela
  5. Maggie

Beyond Discipline (Alfie Kohn)
  1. Keelin Funk
  2. Natalia Klocek
  3. Alexis Hirsch
  4. Kelly Healy
  5. Molly Maubach

The First Days of School (Harry Wong)
  1. Jennie Wahl
  2. Sofia Ramos
  3. Kristen Person
  4. Allison VanDeventer
  5. Morgan Holmes

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Love and Logic (Jim & Charles Fay)

  1. Janelle Duffy
  2. Danielle Goebbert
  3. Jill Jaskolski
  4. Lacee Slaven
  5. Alyssa Roehl