Overview of Marvin Marshall-Angela

Overview of Marshall’s approach-Allyssa
Examples and Materials for teachers and students-Phil
  • The visuals page on Marvinmarshall.com also offers a number of posters that could be used by teachers to set procedures and guidelines in the classroom.
  • A 3x5 note card can be used by the students, on this they can list their complaints throughout the day. They can take it home and see what they were bothered by that day. This may help them see the smallness of their complaints and learn to not worry about the small issues.
  • The articles written by Martin can also be used by teachers to gain inspiration for what they may be lacking in the classroom.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYP499LnYPE
Marketing Materials-Maggie
Training or Professional Development for Teachers-Brenna
Classroom Scenarios
  • Fostering Social Responsibility-page 20
    • One student (A) of yours hits another student (B). In retaliation, student (B)decided to hit student (A) back and you as the teacher only see the act of retaliation. When you ask Student (B) "why did you hit Student (A)?" The response is "He made me do it." Student be must realize that Both students made their own decision to hit each other. Student A did not make Student B decide to retaliate with force. The social responsibility that can be taught here is "owning" one's responses or making the appropriate choices for a given social situation.
    • Student be allowed for External Control of thinking when he said "He made me do it." Everyone has choices and students should be expected to make responsible choices. This is a behavior that should be fostered in the classroom.
      • Marshall, M. (1998). Fostering Social Responsibility (428nd ed.). Bloomington: Phi Delta Kappa.

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