Course syllabus

C & I 204, Section 6
Elementary Education: Practices and Issues
Fall 2011
Dana Karraker
Please note: This is a working document. The instructor may adjust course assignments, project guidelines and due dates. These adjustments will only be made when feedback from students and the instructor’s formative assessments determine they are necessary. The adjustments will be made in a clear and timely fashion, will take students’ thoughts and needs into consideration.



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Week 1
Mon. Aug 22
Course Introduction
Course Expectations
Schedule a LiveText workshop to set up your portfolio
Wed. Aug 24
Teachers as a Decision Maker
(initial reflective essay samples)
Burden Chapter 1
Week 2
Mon. Aug. 29
Set up Blog Accounts and Explore Web Tools
Meet in Computer Lab, DeGarmo 307
Wed. Aug.31
Knowledge of learners & their development
Read How Children Learn (posted on the Wiki)
Week 3
Mon. Sept. 5
Labor Day
No Classes
Work on your Essay (Take Survey B)
Wed. Sept. 7
Learning styles and modalities
Take Learning Styles Quiz
Read: Intro to Learning Styles (Wiki) and
Burden, Chapter 4
Blog Post #1
Week 4
Mon. Sept. 12
Fundamentals of Planning
Burden Chapter 2 and complete a 3,2,1
Wed. Sept. 14
Instructional Objectives- Common Core Standards
Explore Common Core Continue working on Initial Reflective Essay
Bring the chart from the WebQuest
Week 5
Mon. Sept. 19
Library Day: Instructional Objectives
Meet in Milner 6th floor
Wed. Sept. 21
Examining a teacher’s manual
and Types of Teacher Planning
Analyze layout for one lesson
Read Balance in the Balance (posted on the Wiki)
Bring teacher’s manual to class
Week 6
Mon. Sept. 26
Teacher Planning and Instructional Objectives
Burden Chapter 3
Wed. Sept. 28
Assessing Student Performance
Burden Chapter 11
Objective Writing Assignment
Submit your Objectives to the Instructor by Sharing in Dropbox by Sunday, Oct. 2
Week 7
Mon. Oct. 3
Assessment Tools
Classroom Assessment for Learning
Wed. Oct. 5
Assessment Tools
Read: Using Student Involved Assessment (Wiki)
Blog Post #2
Submit an idea for Formative/Summative Assessment in Dropbox by Sunday, Oct. 9
Week 8
Mon. Oct. 10
Classroom Management
Burden Chapter 9,
Wed. Oct. 12
Classroom Management
Burden Chapter 10
Second Half Semester Begins
Week 9
Mon. Oct. 17
Types of Teacher Planning
Burden Chapter 3 (Review)
Wed. Oct. 19
Group Work Day
Blog #3 due
Week 10
Mon. Oct. 24
Direct Instructional Strategies
Burden Chapter 5
Wed. Oct. 26
Indirect Instructional Strategies
Burden Chapter 6
Week 11
Mon. Oct. 31
Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Learners
Burden Chapter 4
Wed. Nov. 2
Differentiation Continued
Multiple Intelligences
Blooms Taxonomy
Blog #4
Week 12
Mon. Nov. 7
Differentiation, cont'd

Wed. Nov. 9
Communicating with Families
Wiki Articles
Building Partnerships with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families
Creating Comfortable and Productive Parent/Teacher Conferences
Complete a 3,2,1
Week 13
Mon. Nov. 14
Classroom Management Presentations
Assigned Readings

Wed. Nov. 16
Classroom Management Presentations
Assigned Readings
Blog Post #5
Formal Lesson Plan Due
Week 14
Week of 11/21
No Class Thanksgiving Break

Week 15
Mon. Nov. 28
Classroom Management Wrap-up
Assigned Readings
Wed. Nov 30
Parent Panel
Individual Behavior Management Plan Due
Week 16
Mon. Dec. 5
Individual and Group Work Day

Wed. Dec. 7
Knowledge of Roles and Responsibilities:Qualities of a professional educator
Burden Chapter 13
Blog Post #6
Week 17
Finals Week
Issues Presentations